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Hmm, Mine is packed full.. Because in a crisis you need all the calories and gear you can get in your canteen carrier. ✌

It is a nice set, but clearly you never ever used it, you keep saying you use it often, but it never seen any outside or fresh air, and all those fancy tinders or fire starters, the nature provides better ones.
but that is just that , and those 'sleeping-bag' not much help! I do this daily and have more then 40 years experience under my belt, but my gear even though it is well maintained it looks used, my fire-rods are used by me and abused occasionally by students. and it shows. i hope we gonna see it in use some day, but forget the fancy gadget and train yourself to use what nature provides, it saves you money but more it saves you weight. and you say you use it often, well….and keep all the plastic out of the nature, you can make from canvas, or leather nice little pouches to carry everything, be smart and respect nature and try to avoid those clear zip-lock bags, well that is just my opinion of course. just go out and reconnect with nature and enjoy! PS this is not meant to make you look stupid or dum. but if i say i use it often it shows that it is so…

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