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TOPS Tahoma Field Knife Review – Best Survival Knives

The TOPS Tahoma Field Knife, designed by Andy Tran, is one of the best one tool option, survival knives I know of. It does everything a survival knife needs to do and does it very well. Andy did an excellent job on this design and TOPS does a first class job on the production end. The fit and finish is excellent.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this knife. It is both beauty and the beast wrapped up in one carbon steel and micarta package. I recommend buying directly from Andy’s website.

Here’s a link:!product/prd1/2417251521/tops-tahoma-field-knife

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17 replies on “TOPS Tahoma Field Knife Review – Best Survival Knives”

Now go buy a SOG super bowie. Throw that away. You decide what you want to depend your life on? Your call.

You threw that knife like a frikn boss Hoss! By far one of my favorite large blades. Looks like something Rambo would carry

That sharpened top rdge completely changes the way you baton it looked hard not being able to use the end of the knife to hit

I have watched your videos many times and have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much. 1 negative you pick he worse trees to show chopping skills. There is no way in a survival situation that I would ever cut those hard dry tree with all the other trees in the woods. You are burning way to many calories for a survival situation. I still enjoy your vids.

Some Bushcrafters say that a Scandi grind works best for making feather sticks.. I have been using a flat grind with good results.. One other knife i own has a saber grind not quite as well at feather sticking.. Do you think the blade grind is important enough to buy the knife or not? In other words , everything about the knife meets and exceeds your needs but the grind is not what you want, would it stop you from buying the knife?

wow what a knife .. i like that model .. I have looked at it several times… good job on the video and spec's..

Brian, it's been a few years since this review. I am now looking at the Tahoma Field Knife. I do need a steep up and this knife looks wonderfully impressive. How do you like it after 2 1/2 years? Is it a knife you grab when going are out there? Thanks for all the wonderful videos.

Say Heah, Yup, That Tohoma, looks alot like one of my Fav's, my Ratweiler. I like using it as a one tool option, although I Piggyback it with my Rodent Solution.,,.

Hello i have a question which knife is better for you in a case of survival the tahoma field or ka bar bk 7 thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

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