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Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit

Apocalypse Kit
What if it happens? What if our worst fears are realized? If the Dead walk, the continuation of the human race will become a daily struggle. Are you prepared to protect and defend your family and friends? Your best chance lies in the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit. Enclosed in a super durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching, the kit is compact and packable. To beat the uprising we must work together. We must arm ourselves and organize. FROM THE GERBER WEB SITE… Don’t forget to subscribe if you like it and check out my other videos. Thanks for watching!

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It's all garbage even the infantry knife I had one blade went wobbly after one log chop and hitting the back of the blade with another log which it's said to be able todo in the manual what a bunch of garbage

What up I got my jam pack Swiss back pack with food like protean packs water and clothing rope binoculars shades and a full size Rambo 3 Bowie 18 inches overall razor sharp flares few bics for starting a fire and solid nunchucku that I have mastered and axe that's all I need brother and it's on

I have & carry the LMF 2 on me daily for personal protection. I have the AR-15 & .45 for the zombies 😂😂😂.

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