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Acebeam TK16 Copper Flashlight Review. A Going Gear exclusive fancy EDC torch.

The Acebeam TK16 copper is a compact triple emitter flashlight, that’s tiny and should help bling-i-fying your social media pocket dumps. In this video, I give this light a full review treatment… with runtime and lumen tests, beamshot comparisons and more. You’ll see it compared to the Budget Light Forum BLF FW3A, the Zebralight SC600, the Olight copper, and the newly revised Jetbeam RRT01. This edition of the light is an exclusive to Going Gear and Battlebox, and you can get them through the links below.
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21 replies on “Acebeam TK16 Copper Flashlight Review. A Going Gear exclusive fancy EDC torch.”

Back in the 70’s they used to have these plastic disposable lights that were set at 75 degree angle. Firefighters used to have them strapped to their helmets. Mad magazine, Hostess ding dongs wrapped in foil and those flashlights. That’s what I remember.
Cool video I just had to add this random comment. It’s late.

HELP! I need help picking out a flashlight that is 50 bucks or less that will flood my back yard and house really well. No need for a spot light or anything and the size doesn't matter (or so my wife says). I live in Florida and there is a hurricane coming. Two years ago Irma hit and we lost power for over a week at my house. Yes i procrastinated too. We have something in common.

On a side note i'm currently watching through your videos as suddenly i'm super interested in flash lights!

I don’t want to admit how far into the video I was thinking, why does he keep saying “rock hopper”? What’s a rock hopper finish? Why does rock hopper tarnish?

And then: ohhhh…not rock hopper, it’s “raw copper”. Right. So, never mind then. As you were.

OMG, your lawn makes me want to give you a hug and tell you that everything will be alright.
AKB, everything will be alright.

I mildly procrastinated watching the copper thingee video which was, as usual, casually shot. Possibly a side effect of procrastination. Keep up the seemingly ho hum job!! I still like my S1 mini.

Took me about 20 seconds to realize you were saying "raw copper" instead of "rock hopper". Was wondering what rock hopping had to do with this review. Anyway, still like your flashlight reviews, and eagerly awaiting the FW3A since I just got mine.

Fuckin sick bro, but cool white blows. I thought it actually looked kinda neutral. I recently got the gold and black mechforce mechtorch. Saight…. Also did you join in on the Foursevens (Prometheus) quark kickstarter?

The rugged and gnarly look of this one will go perfectly as an accessory on the Borg Mask my gf likes me to wear when we… uh, I mean that's a cool looking flashlight.

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