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The BEST EDC Pen? Urban Survival Gear TiScribe-Mini

Urban Survival Gear TiScribe-Mini
Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens
Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen
Fisher Space Pen Bullet
Parker Jotter
Big Idea Design

Urban Survival Gear is back at it again with new mini bolt action pens. The TiScribe-Mini V2 is 25% shorter than the Ti-Scribe Bolt and 10% lighter. It comes in brass, copper, and titanium, and ships with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 refill. It will also work with most Parker, Fisher Space Pen, and the Schneider Gelion 39 refills, as well as a Pilot Mini G2 (with an adapter).

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20 replies on “The BEST EDC Pen? Urban Survival Gear TiScribe-Mini”

To me, there is no point to an EDC pen if it can't write on an angle, upside down, on h20/grease etc. In other words, it must take a fisher sp refill. These are REALLY nice pens but I just won't pay that much for a pen (I do LOVE pens and have a nice collection) . As much as I would love this bolt action, i don't like copper or brass so of course, the most expensive one is the one I'd want. So for now I'll stick to the most under rated EDC pen out there; the Fisher TELESCOPING pen. I've used so many pens, some over $300 (gift) but for EDC, i come back to my Fischer telescoping pen. Right size, never fails, great price.

These pens look great! The normal push actuator on my current pen is slightly annoying for the exact reason mentioned in the video! Need to look into getting one…

Any recommendations for similar style pens (copper or brass) that takes two inks? So it probably would need to be double headed. Doesn't matter if it's retracting or capped. I carry a pen in my wallet w/ Field Notes and it would be nice to have two colours of ink.

Could you just round up the prices? It's so annoying and cluttery to keep hearing "ninety nine nine nine, sixty nine nine nine" etc it would be so much easier to hear just "one hundred, seventy" which also is what the price really is.

Very interested but I have a couple questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to by googling.

1) what’s the deal with the bolt action design? As in – what is the benefit?

2) what is “tactical” about these pens? I guess by that I mean why wouldn’t I carry just a regular pen?

Caveat to the comment – I’m gonna buy one anyway just because I want one.

I just received in the mail the Titaner TacTi stylus titanium pen with built in glass breaker/self defense tip. Love it so far and uses G2 refills which are easily accessible at pretty much any store. Also the best part about it is it still looks like a normal pen and not as Nick Shabazz would put it "A TACTICAL WEAPON OF WAR!!"

For anyone curious it was about $40

I have had the Original Copper for a year and I love it, now I am waiting for a mini in titanium…… Sometimes you just want the time to fly….

Everyone is complaining about the price but it is all subjective to use IMO. As someone who needs to log things throughout my work day I estimated I use my pen at least 200 times a week. I use my knife maybe 5 times. People complaining about spending that much on a pen how many times a week do you use your knife?

The pens are amazing looking there's no denying that. I would love to own one. But there is one really big thing stopping me. Is the facted not one email I have ever sent to ask a question has never been answerd. I find that very problem matake.

Great vid, but the pen just doesn’t cut it, better quality and versatile pens out-there for this price range.

Thank you for my stickers!!!! i'm a grown man lol! no shame in my game i'll hook up a killer EDC with it in the picture 🙂

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