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Cold Steel Ti-Lite 4 knife review

Not the most practical edc knife but probably one of my favorite knife design’s. I absolutely just love the classic lines on this stiletto knife. With all of the quick deployment methods you can not go wrong carrying this knife for self defense! Stay tuned for the ti lite 6 !
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I’m late to the party, got my Ti light 4 & 6 two years ago, both razor sharp and both as good as the day I got them. The 4 is my edc and I love how fast it can be out opened and even thrown all in one fluid motion
Edit: three years ago, lol saw a comment I made when I first got them. 😂

I wish it was deep carry. Someone could snatch that out of your pocket when you're not paying attention and use it against you to easy. Great video thank you.

i love the knife, my only complaint is if i dont grease it, it can be difficult to open, also its not serrated (but to be fair i hate the look of serrations, even though they're useful)

If you like the ti lite, check out the stedemon c-05 han. Same general blade shape, but much higher overall quality, better steel (14c28n), and it looks quite a bit better in my opinion. It also has a cross guard or hilt that will allow you to wave the knife open, but they aren’t sharp so it won’t tear up your pockets. It’s also pretty much the same exact price.

The only think stopping me from getting this it that it's not deep carry. You can disarm someone quick out of a pocket with knives that are not deep carry or semi deep carry. This almost was a great EDC tactical self defense blade for Baltimore City where I live.

I have a Ti lite 4" clone and it is nothing like a original,,,which I have in the 6" ,,but after carrying the 4" clone and feeling it is not as intimidating on sheeppole like the 6" Ti lite now I want a original CS Ti lite 4" ,,,the clone will be for keepsake.

Best tactical folder for the money. And stronger lock than most in the market, even without the triad lock.

I have the original aluminum handle 6 inch blade, it rocks. Have this one also seems small and tame compared to its bigger brother.

Don't know why C.S. made the lock depression thumb access hole so small. Break the knife down, file that out to its correct size, sand it smooth. Easy fix. Decent knife otherwise.

I was disappointed with mine. Aus sucks for edge retention on mine, and I would have wanted carbon steel. The lock is strong, but it fails where the face of the button rubs on the edge of the blade when it snaps into place on opening. It changes the dimensions as it wears, and the blade gets vertical play that can't be fixed without major repair (epoxy build up or welding) or lock replacement. I have an original titanium model bought in 2002, and the lock is ti also, so the ss may last longer. I edc'd it for 2 years before it wore out. I still carried it occasionally up until a few years ago. It is just too far gone to use now, so it just sits on my shelf collecting dust. All in all an interesting idea, but I won't buy another cold steel knife.

I don't have anything quite like this. That means there is a gross deficiency in my knife collection that cannot be tolerated. No self respecting knife aficionado would allow a deficiency like that to persist for long. You know what that means don't you? Yup – time to order one.

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