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Tangram Rumble Folding Knife Review ($23) – Kizer

Kizer Tangram Rumble Folding Knife (Brown):
Kizer Tangram Rumble Folding Knife (Brown):
Kizer Tangram Rumble Folding Knife (Black):
Kizer Tangram Orion DP ,Wharncliffe:
Kizer Tangram Vector Button Lock :
Kizer Tangram DP Sante Fe :
Kizer Tangram DP Sante Fe, Brown:
Kizer Tangram Clip Point:
Kizer Theta Folding Knife:
Kizer Feist Folding Knife:
Kizer Recurve Tanto:
Kizer Tangram Dirk Pinkerton Progression:
Kizer Begleiter:
Kizer V4423A1 Skinner :
Kizer V4484A2:
Kizer Sheepdog, Blue/Satin:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Task I Folder:
Kizer Gunhammer Bowie:
Kizer Gunhammer Recurve:
Kizer Gemini:
Kizer KI3404A3:
Kizer Ti Framelock Roach:
Kizer Roach, Orange/Black:
Kizer Splinter, Spectrum Handle:
Kizer Splinter:
Kizer Rogue:
Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi:
Kizer 401:
Kizer Hunter:
Kizer Wharncliffe 4473:
Kizer Folding Cleaver 4439:
Kizer Uprising:
Kizer SLT:
Kizer Christensen Criticial:
Kizer Envoy:
Kizer Megatherium:
Kizer Sealion:

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13 replies on “Tangram Rumble Folding Knife Review ($23) – Kizer”

No mention if the pocket clip can be reversed for the 10-20% of us that were born left handed?Also_ does everyone know that this is from China (no mention of this in your film).  July 2019, they are now $36.00.

What to test a folder on….A meat Target( meat man)… various fruit…cut handles or cut outs in grocery boxes…(I do that on occasion….) Cordage….Rope…Rubber…plastic….Packaging….

I have 4 Tangram knives that seem to be flawless. Probably will pass on this one just because of the blade shape. After the holidays do you want to come over and shred boxes for me? : )

I love that blade shape! It reminds me of Jim Wagner's Reality-Based tactical knife he did with Boker years back.

It looks like it would be a great tactical folder. I own a Kizer- the Kizer Intrepid (which is a great knife by the way), and Kizer definitely knows how to do flippers.

This looks like a great knife. My only question would be- how thick is the liner lock?

even though you've demonstrated with this knife that it can used as an EDC knife, would it stand up to hard use if pressure was put on that liner lock?

That's the only question mark for me. Awesome blade design, good deep primary finger choil with a flipper acting as a guard. G-10 scales for the grip.

Looks like a winner to me.

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