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Nexbelt EDC Gunbelt | My New Favorite Belt

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No matter what’s in your EDC (Every Day Carry loadout), you NEED a good belt. Just like gun holsters, I’ve been through my fair share of EDC belts, looking for the right balance between comfort, strength and width. Nexbelt was kind enough to send over one of their EDC Gun Belts to try out on the channel and, frankly, I’m impressed. This belt is the real deal, offering several upgrades over the standard ratchet belts on the market – and coming in around the same price point.

Nexbelt EDC Gun Belts:
Enter discount code PFL21 at checkout for 21% off!

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20 replies on “Nexbelt EDC Gunbelt | My New Favorite Belt”

I have the same green EDC belt from Nexbelt.  Although I have worn it only for 2 days, I am 63 years old, and I can say it is a beautiful belt i.e. the buckle is better then Kore Essentials over all. Kore’s has an easier release latch.  Sometimes the Kore latch will get pressed during movement releasing it a little. The releasing, however, occurs very infrequently and really is not an issue at all since were talking one or couple of ratchets thus causing maybe an extra 4 degree in movement of the holster. The Kore is  not machined to the quality as that of the Nexbelt. ( I have had screws fall out of the Kore albeit it could be my installation of the screws?)  This green Nexbelt has a softer nice texture to it and I hope that it will hold up time telling.  The Kore texture is all about business except the ones that have a smooth surface i.e. they tend to scratch. (I am hard on my belts because they carry daily on and off items). The only real negative that I can see during my 2 days and counting love affair is that it is slightly smaller than the 1.5 inch holster belt clip and this appears to be an issue i.e. once my gun holster is locked on it will cant approximately 15 degrees.  The reason for the belt to be exactly 1.5 inches is so to keep the gear tight making the entire rig one solid piece.  This is why people don’t carry all the time because they don’t know that to carry you need a rig that has no slop in it at all.  It's the entire rig i.e. belt and the holster being one.  Kore is a little too stiff and Nexbelt is a little too lax.  Once on the Kore and the holster are one unit. It may be that there is no perfect belt, but I do know that you do not want any slop.  It may not be an issue if you are using a holster with two clips?  I use the single metal clips on the holster, Leatherman holster by RAE which has the same single clip. This is my entire humble opinion, and I’m just a life long gun carrier.  Kore & Nexbelt are the best EDC bets I have every seen. I love the Nexbelt for its looks and quality of the buckle, but more importantly, it is indeed Made in USA!

I like belts like these were they are adjustable. I bought a Carhart thinking it would be great…. nope. Worst belt I've ever seen. The buckle sucks on the belt. After seeing this belt. I might buy it!

I'm glad they thought about the reinforcement screws to help the teeth keep that buckle in place because I've had issues with the Kore Essentials gun belt I bought which is a ratchet belt like this one. The first belt I had the reinforcement inside the belt broke in half but they replaced it for me on a warranty replacement. 2nd issue I had is that the clasp with the teeth holding the buckle to the belt comes off at the most inconvenient times and I've had to catch my pants because the teeth don't bite into that belt enough.

Thanks for this video, I just won a GAW a few days from Nextbelt. Now i know how to cut and adjust the belt when it come in🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

prepped if you think nextbelts are good for edc you have to try kore belts. there stiffer and better materials. the nexbelts buckle is ok but the belt didnt support my glock rig so I have a kore now and it's better.

How's the belt holding up so far?! I've seen reviews stating the buckle just quit working and needed replacement.

I'm really liking mine. Had it 6 months and I've actually switched back to a full size carry gun quite often as this belt makes it very comfortable to carry.

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