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My Pocket Wilderness Survival Kit under $30 – Essentials Only

My Pocket Wilderness Survival Kit under $30. (Links Below)

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Cold Steel Finn Hawk:
Mora Companion:
Mora 511:
Bear Bowl Cook Pot:
Toaks Titanium Spork:
Firebox Nano Stove:
Lixada Hinged Folding Stove:
Cold Steel Finn Wolf:


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23 replies on “My Pocket Wilderness Survival Kit under $30 – Essentials Only”

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Man, you really gotta watch those elephants when you're out in the wild. They're absolute killers.

I only got one problem with this kit there's no whistle other than that gr8 kit you can always add a whistle no problem tho

This is a great little supplemental kit. Great shelter, make fire, catch food, and clean water. Perfect in a pinch

Chris GREAT JOB!! Do you know how many YouTube channels there are with people showing knives, gear and kits ranging from $100 to $2000?? Some people can’t afford to spend $150 just for a knife. I think it’s awesome that you show what can be done on a budget! I’m lucky because I can purchase just about anything without worrying about the price, but I love that knife for the money. If I beat it up or the tip breaks I won’t be cussing because I just ruined a $200 dollar knife. Your channel is awesome 👍👍

“Protected from the elephants” and the Algea booboo kit.. best pocket kit ever! I must have these items! At least some of them. 😊 Thanks for sharing. 👍🏻

It would definitely be hard to build a kit equal to this for the same amount of money. If you think its not worth it just try to start with nothing and get all this. It’s not happening. Great kit👍🏻

This is actually and awesome base line kit for beginners so they can build from that and also the kit is great for taking as an extra for just in case….over all man great display on kit man aaesome vid…

That's a sweet lil kit, I think I might get one to supplement or as a base for a new kit project.
That cold steel knife looks pretty awesome too

I honestly like it, I would keep it in my cars for an emergency kit so we wouldn’t have to dig into our get home bags, if help was on the way, I really like the knife that you added, I will be purchasing a few of them! Thanks for the video

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