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Milwaukee Fastback Spring Assist Tanto Pocket Knife Review

This is another one of Milwaukee’s pocket knives although this one is kind of odd and is a safety concern because it opens way too easily and aggressively. It is a nice looking knife but there is lots of competition in this segment. I do compare to Kershaw and some other Milwaukee knives that are recommended.

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Milwaukee last Christmas had similar to the knives you have but with black metal cases. I purchased them here in NJ. In NJ spring assisted knives are illegal. The open mechanism is similar to the Kersaw knive you used.

I hate serrated blades and I prefer a flip blade. I don't mind a tanto tip but serrations are useless and difficult to sharpen. Good video

Awesome review video! I have the Milwaukee 48-22-1990 and love it. I am glad that I did not get the Tanto one or the similar Dewalt one. The wire clips are great due to they will not scratch or cut anything while on the outside of your pocket. I have a couple of old Klein utility knives (Made in USA) that are great. They are a little difficult to open, but safe. I also bought a small Buck knife with a metal clip. I can't keep it in my pocket due to it could just open. There is no mechanism to keep it closed.

The strong spring wouldn't bother me but everything else would. My 1999 Kershaw goes everywhere I do, has good assist, has a safety, and was made in the US. It WAS over $50 though. It is nice and slim in the pocket.

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