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Knives of Alaska Yukon Belt Knife Review

A field review of the Knives of Alaska Yukon belt knife.

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I skinned just one deer so far with the Alpha Wolf and very pleased so far. The sheath however is junk. Ridiculous design to begin with, where as a dangler style is simple and serves all options for carry, the sheath came apart at the seams after just one season carrying it in my pack, I carried it there because the design is ridiculous. My experience so far with the blade is everything MT has stated in this video.  I ended up taking the sheath to a saddle maker and rivet a D-Ring for dangler carry.

Great review man. I have a Canadian belt knife pattern coming and was looking for a decent review on one. All of them were table top reviews. Great stuff man.

My husband sent me this, I want this knife. I do all the skinning and I'm very interested in this style. Had to subscribe like the way you review.

the Yukon/Alaska kind of blade design appears to me extremely well thought. best from Nuuk, Greenland.

mate you are a ledgend, had to laugh about the unboxing videos you see, yes they are crap. well done for doing a very useful and real time presentation of a knife and its abilities, one thing thats important is edge retention, and you did it exstremely well , thankyou for the NO BULLSHIT REVIEW, ,,,,,,,,

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