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Knife Review and Sharpening – MISEN KNIVES

Today Jimmie from Burrbenders reviews and sharpens a Misen knife.

7 replies on “Knife Review and Sharpening – MISEN KNIVES”

actually had to put the rest of the edge on my paring knife. On the right hand side of the blade it stopped about a 1/4 inch from the heal….

"I've never met anyone that I haven't put this knife in their hand and they are shocked about how good this knife is" … dude WTF ?

My misen knife does not seem to hold an edge for very long. I got mine for christmas and have used it a couple dozen times. Honestly, it cut decent until last week. I had to use my rod to sharpen it for the first time, now it seems like I have to sharpen before each use…I dont have any belt sanders lol any advice?

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