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Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 8" Chef Knife Review – Kitchen Products

Watch our review of the Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 8″ Chef

From Manufacturer: Ask any professional chef and you’ll find out, the Chef’s Knife is the most indispensable of all the knives in the block. Perfectly diced onions and peppers, slender zucchini matchsticks, roll cut carrots and thinly shredded cabbage are just a few strokes away with this powerful, versatile tool. Notice how the blade edge of the Chef’s Knife is gently curved, from tip to heel. That’s to allow you to use a gentle, even rocking and gliding motion as you cut. The length and weight of the blade helps you work more efficiently. (The longer and heavier the blade, the less muscle you have to put behind it!) Use the whole blade to cut larger items like potatoes and Spanish onions into slices or strips. The bolster gives the knife weight at the heel so the back half of the blade can be used to make smaller cuts. The flat of the blade can be used to lightly “whack” the skins from garlic cloves, too.

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Just because a knife rust, it may not be bad. The more carbon, the better edge, the more likely it will rust. You can spend
$400 on a knife that will rust if not cleaned and dried after each use.

I would not recommend purchasing anything Calphalon, I recently purchased a knife block set and one of the steak knives began to rust after 1 wash.  Their customer service rep recommended purchasing a rust removal product as their solution.  Extremely poor products and customer service, thumbs down!

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