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Best Budget Survival Knife? Schrade SCHF9 Ultimate Survival Knife Review

What makes a good survival knife? Is the Schrade SCHF9 up to the task? Check out the video to see how what Schrade calls an “Ultimate Survival Knife”.

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29 replies on “Best Budget Survival Knife? Schrade SCHF9 Ultimate Survival Knife Review”

If you use the finger choil on the SCHF9, it will perform much better at the finer work such as feather sticking .

Hey, Tinhatranch. Any suggestions on extremely sharp knives that can keep an edge? For detail work as you call it?

Seems like a good blade to me. I have realized that it is hard to find one knife that does all. But I know two knives can do almost anything. I keep a 4" ss knife thats full tang, 1/8 inch thick and rose wood grips. This works break for little carving tasks, skinning game, etc. I also have a BG Gerber, but due to due to serrations, I won't baton with it. Hence the reason I ordered the schf9. What my small razor sharp knife can't due, the schf9 will.

I love my schf9..I paid $5 for a convex edge and its razor sharp… the sheath is OK but I'm making a kydex sheath soon… if you want quality Cold Steel San Mai III has awesome reviews.. check the home page for the video.

I bought one ,but have had trouble keeping it sharp. I will admit, I'm a amateur when it comes to knife sharpening. What process/sharpener are you guys using to sharpen your SCHF9

I own and really enjoy this knife.  For the money, this knife can't be beat!  The only thing that makes this knife a little tricky is the recurve shape to the blade.  This really inhibits one from being able to use a flat bench stone to sharpen it.  Instead, this knife requires a rod sharpener.

Check out the Cold Steel Bushman knife, i own one and its extremely versatile and durable as well, (and a much better chopper) lol.

This knife is sexy, even in unsexy situations. Other women want the latest pair of heels, or new clothes. I want this knife!

Boy you did a great job with the video. It almost made we want to go out and buy that knife. Until that is I came back to reality and decided the pic of you chopping on some branches showed me it was a lousy chopper. 

I really don't get you guys always showing chopping with a six inch blade-who does that? Not anyone with any primitive skills. We baton with it.

The idea that you need a 1/4 thick six inch knife is laughable. That knife is a jack of all trades and a master of none. It's a terrible survival knife. 

My survival knife is an Old Hickory 7 inch Butcher knife. It can do everything that Schrade knife can do and do it better. And best of all, it only costs $10.00 USD.  And, Holds an edge much better than the Scrade.  But thanks for the wonderful video. Beautifully done. 

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