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Schrade SCH406N Neck Knife Review – Survival Kit Knives

The Schrade SCH406N Neck Knife makes a great survival kit knife. Full tang, Cr13MoV steel, paracord wrapped handle and a kydex style sheath. In this video I attempt a one stick fire with it.

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24 replies on “Schrade SCH406N Neck Knife Review – Survival Kit Knives”

Thanks for including the problems with the fero rod.

I have tried to make a fire with one and had a horrible time.
There might be hope for me yet.

hey man another great vid. I'm curious to know about your paracord bracelet I've seen it in several of your videos did you make our buy it? if bought could you share a link so I can check it out?

I've watched a lot of your videos and I'm starting to think it's the Schrade fire starters aren't that good.

I love seeder wood with that nice red/purple inner layer. Nice little knife! Awesome review scout master!

I've been watching your videos since I found your channel recently. I have ended up with a few of the Schrade schf series based on your reviews. This little neck knife is next. Thanks for the videos, very helpful. It's great to see that Schrade has stepped it up with their knives.

Hey Bud, If you like Neck knives, be sure to check out my channel , I'd appreciate your feedback, Thanks Dee

Thank you for the review and actual usage of the item reviewed. Looks quite effective considering its size!

looks like a tough little knife, thanks for the demo! I like Schrade products and agree with you this would be great for a small spot or pack or kit or to add to what I already have!

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