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Pro-4 Tactical Survival Kit Gear Review

This is the Pro 4 Tactical Survival Kit Gear Review. I picked this up from my Fiances work for $20.00 so I decided to review this budget item.
This kit comes with a 300 lumen pull lantern, a 300 lumen tactical flashlight, a tactical carrying case, and a really nice tactical knife. At first glance I assumed everything was junk, but after reviewing the products I would recommend this to anyone for the price I paid.
This kit would be ideal for camping, backpacking, bug out bags, and emergency survival kits. Thanks for watching. Go Wild and God Bless!!!

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I saw this a couple of months back in a Mega Depot and it tempted me.. Passed by today, just got it and am impressed also. The pocket knife, although has a broken compass is very sturdy and great grip and edge.The pouch is great quality and the flashlight itself is worth the bang for the buck! The lantern feels flimsy but is still on the better side but the illumination IS amazing as the fact that you can hang it, use its magnets and has handles justifies the weight. Love that its compass actually does work 💪 Thanks for the review. God bless!

Great price, but I'm giving the pro4 tactical knife a thumbs down, but your video gets a thumbs up because you covered everything nicely, quickly and with no nonsense. The knife however, has a tendency to open while in your poket no matter how it's positioned and as a result it cut me while hanging from my pocket from it's built in clip. This needs to be looked into before someone gets seriously injured. I no longer carry it but rather leave it in my truck. I will say it has an impressive blade (especially for it's price.) that retains it's edge very well. The compass is completely useless and does not self orient at all. A sub-micro switch on the light would be awesome as well. Keeping the lense cap loose to shut it off is just an invitation to lose a small part. I have never used the rope/seatbelt cutter.

Yeah my father just got me this knife for Christmas I like it it don't feal cheap it is sharp everything works on it. Probably throw it in my edc bag the knife I have now is a better brand knife but I have to keep screwing the blade back tight it keeps coming loose and the blade wobbles so I'm just going to replace it with this pro-4 knife and see how it does.

Not bad, great prize for what you get. I was expecting not much for $20 but I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing. Chris

Hey Shane,

great review.
Nice stuff, for a low budget. 🙂
Thanks for showing.

Best regards


its a great little kit to keep in your car in case you get stranded at night. I have a couple different lanterns like that, all work really well at night but the light is harsh white and attracts bugs of course it also attracts fish and crabs when hung over the water, I wish they had settings to chose light levels from

I have exact pouch, exact function flashlight, similar knife without compass or mini light, similar led lantern and bought all on sale, totalling $50+. Great Buy you made!Any two of the items are worth $20

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