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BRS Alpha Beast Butterfly Knife review by Lena Miculek-Afentul

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28 replies on “BRS Alpha Beast Butterfly Knife review by Lena Miculek-Afentul”

When you make love to her and she ain't happy, and annoyingly you do it for a while…., hehehe…., bad ass Chic

Strange how so many peoplebelieve theyre completely illegal in the US.
I carry a trainer and a live blade every day… I flip the trainer if there are people around as not to make them uneasy. I live in Alabama

She has not a clue on state laws. She was doing some amazing moonwalking due to the post edit. The only solid piece of advice she blessed up with was for YOU to check your state laws in regards to ownership of a balisong, I’m afraid to watch a firearms video

She's a great salesman (saleswomen) and started looking into these knives…these knives are expensive as hell.

I've heard someone saying that they mainly outlawed them because all the accidents that would occur using them. I doubt it is true.

Holy shit! I love you! You got skillz girlfriend🤩. Don't tell Jerry, he would shoot me three or four states away! 😏

you can carry balisongs in California if they are under two inches same with switchblades and other knives in ny a man went to court because the arresting officer said his balisong was considered a gravity knife the court ruled it wasnt because he has to use a secondary motion to lock the blade so I'm guessing regular knife laws apple 4 inches and under doesnt stop me from carrying my bm 62 in a neck holster or my bm 51 just with the clip the rest I carry regularly

Like the video and ill chek that beast out if i get a chance if youll promise me ul look at the knife i carry for the last 2 yrs that i really love, the CRKT HISSATSU FOLDER its a williams design and if you like one handed opening knifes youll like this even thou it is a folder it has a rod that runs thou the handle and it cams the blade to open effortlessly! I gotta ask if u r $1?????? U R prolly the hottest woman alive!!!!!! Js

I am a Filipino American, I did not know that. I am proud of the design, Ive fought with it. Thank you.

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