survival kit review

Ultimate Survival Kit / Bug Out Bag Review

3 Day, 3 Person Supply Kit. Survival unboxing.

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Good video thank you for sharing keep in mind all of your zip lock baggies can be used to transport water if you stand them up inside the backpack you can use the backpacks handle to carrying the extra weight the aluminum from the survival food bars can be used as an ignition source with a battery try to find alternative uses for everything in there and all of my bags I have upholstery thread from the craft store each spool has 300 yards of thread on average 25 lb test strength use it for sewing fishing line medical stitches and many other things I'm a new subscriber I can't wait to see your videos really big monkey turn me on to your Channel give him some love

It seems like a good basic SB, but as always adjusting the contents of the bag to your personal needs is advised. Great find for $25!

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