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Kershaw Natrix Knife Review- New for 2018 Carbon Fiber and G10. Based on ZT 0770

in 2018 Kershaw update the sub frame lock Natrix knife with a new styling featuring carbon fiber and blue G10. The knife is based off the Zero Tolerance 0770 and the Natrix is a great value under $50. In this review I discuss every day carry (EDC) theory, and compare this one to other knives. You’ll see the Kershaw Fraxion, the Cryo 2, the Spyderco Para Military 2, and the Tenacious. If you’d like to support the channel and like this knife, buy it on Amazon:
Natrix Blue G10 and Carbon Fiber:
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24 replies on “Kershaw Natrix Knife Review- New for 2018 Carbon Fiber and G10. Based on ZT 0770”

as much as i like these… i still think they could have done a few things better… but its a great size and price.

so if you had to choose between the speed safe natrix and this one you'd choose the newer unassisted model? Doesn't this perform just as well as an assisted? Most of my unassisted CRKT knifes need the wrist flick to open properly which I'm not crazy about.

I think the drop point looks more like a goats hoof, I mean- like Im looking at my hoof rn and its pretty gnarly dude

Him shitting on the Western college/university scam just makes me appreciate our advanced brother even more

If everyone took personal responsibility, and half the population of humankind were lefties, we wouldn't have the societal chaos we seek to escape by sharing a few minutes of abstract bliss with Advanced Knife Bro. And that's all I got to say about that.

love the way you do reviews, very entertaining. Try these 2 new knives from GANZO ! FIREBIRD series- F7603-cf and the new mini F753M1 .

I think I enjoyed the last part of this video most, where the stuck knife got extracted by potentially getting close to getting another knife stuck in it. One day you'll end up with an unsplit log that has many knives stuck inside.

If you don't mind reviewing a cheap knife that won't get you any views, I wouldn't mind seeing a video on the crkt razel.

OK, so what's your preferred carry for pant-less? THanks for another entertaining and lock-failing review. Good to know this Kershaw can rebound quickly!

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