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The VERY FIRST Cangshan Thomas Keller Chef Knife Review

I had the pleasure of being one of the very first people to review and get my hands on the Cangshan Thomas Keller Collection Chef Knife. This knife is definitely in a class of its own. This thing belongs in the hands of a Jedi! A force to be reckon with!

The collection is a collaboration between Cangshan Cutlery and renowned 3 Michelin Star chef, Thomas Keller. Made from a 1st gen powdered metallurgy, RWL34 Damasteel. Heat treated to a crazy 65 HRC. The combination of the RWL34 and the 65 HRC creates an extremely sharp edge with outstanding edge retention. This is TRUE high carbon steel at a whooping 1.05%. This is legit, one of the sharpest knives I’ve ever cut with!

The profile of the knife is not only very pretty but also very functional. The ergonomic handle is exceptionally pleasant in the hands. The balance point is right at the bolster. Weighing in at just 224g, this is one of the lightest knives I’ve ever handled. A light knife reduces fatigue, allowing the user to cut for prolong periods of time.

I have nothing but great things to say and rave about this knife. Watch the review for more in depth analysis.

The knife will be available nationwide Mid-July 2019, sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

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