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Spyderco Para Military 2 S110V Blurple Knife Review. The Awesome Ergonomic Classic.

Some people say the Spyderco Para Military 2 is one of the best pocket knives of all time. In this review I go over all the details of this awesome folding pocket knife. I discus dimensions, blade steel, and compare the camo and blurple versions of this knife. I do a few comparisons between other spyderco folders, including my EDC the Sage 5, and the Endura 4.

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A cool person over at the best Spyderco Facebook page, let me review these awesome blades.

Check it out by visiting this link:

And if you’d like to buy the knife you can get it here:

19 replies on “Spyderco Para Military 2 S110V Blurple Knife Review. The Awesome Ergonomic Classic.”

How thicc is the tip? Is it similar to the Endura 4? I've got the Ganzo F729 and it's got a paper thin tip. I'd be afraid to use it if it weren't a Ganzo. I don't want to spend the money on the PM2 if it's the same.

“And one has dlc or downloadable content” That had me dying man. I swear its where my brain jumps whenever I see dlc as well haha.

I wonder how well the s110v held up? Pm2's a great blade, plan on getting the blurple model to replace my tricked out older Pm2.

The PM2 has been my personal favorite for a long time now. I've batoned the hell out of it and the knife suffered zero damage to any part of it. It's invincible. Mine does everything from food prep to EDC tasks to bushcraft and no matter how often I whoop on it the thing just won't die

Just ordered the classic PM2 with 110 steel. I even got a blurple one because it’s so iconic! Before they all ultimately disappear here on in our Liberal shithole of a country now that the CBSA is now interpreting old and already existing laws completely differently. Completely Useless Arrogant Fucking ASSHOLES!!! They can waste our money to go in direct violation of our Charter Of Rights & Freedoms to stop all COMPLETELY LEGAL folders all while illegal aliens are welcomed through our border by the thousands with a promise to not only be taken care of but to actually get paid for their trouble with our tax dollars! Just more LIBERAL HYPOCRISY! Bottom feeding, braindead DUMBFUCKS!!!

Just bought a PM2, do you personally prefer tip up or tip down when u carry? This video shows both knife clips in different configurations. Thanks.

My 110V broke today cutting cardboard. The blade literally split and has cardboard stuck in it. I love this knife but that steel is just too brittle at that thickness to be a user.

Hey man im currently looking to buy the Blurple one, have you found out more about the steels since you did the video ?
Regards and thanks for the video

Do you cut your boxes into tiny strips all the time? I don't, i just cut open and discard, like abnormal people eith knives.

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