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Miyabi SG2 Birchwood Knife Review

Knife review of the Miyabi SG2 Birchwood damascus chef knife.

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16 replies on “Miyabi SG2 Birchwood Knife Review”

What's going on here? How can you do a video on a knife and not have the knife perfectly sharp? It's embarrassing.

You absolutely have to sharpen it dude… And if you don't know how, go to a professional knife sharpener to do it for you…
A great knife in wrong hands…

As a chef this video makes my head hurt. Sharpen that knife, get a different board. I can lower your food cost by 5 percent overnight, stop letting this guy dice onions and shallots and fire the guy cleaning the onions and shallots. If you're going to dice an onion like that leave more of the root end on there.

Cory Cothorn, the D shaped handle doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't affect the comfort of the pinch grip left-handed. The only issue I have with a knife like this, is the 30-70 edge, but I haven't had any comfort issues with any D shaped handles.

I am a lefty like your self and was wondering how does the d shape handle feel in the hand with a pinch grip? is it aggressive feeling or does it not bother the hand at all while cutting with? Thank you for your response Cory.

how have you found the knife handle holds up when it comes to stains etc? I am ready to get a few of these but that is my only concern. If it patinas nice I am ok just dont want to have worry about every thing I do in the kitchen (home) with it.

Try a shibata kotetsu gyuto or konosuke hd or gs+ or a gesshin ginga or a takamura migaki etc would blow this knife away.

Other than that good video as always

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