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FURA Folding Knife Review

So today we have a FURA folding knife to play with and it is all thanks to GearBest.
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This FURA knife looks like a blade designed by Serge Panchenko for Böker. You can check out Serge Panchenko by clicking this link…
Serge Panchenko

Made from S35VN stainless and with titanium handles this is (Or should be) a quality knife. I give you a good look at the knife and give it a thorough test by cutting a range of materials.

I thought it was a slip-joint knife but the ball detent system used locks on opening, at least on my sample. Other samples may differ.

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UK legal maximum blade length is 76.2mm (3 inches) non locking.

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14 replies on “FURA Folding Knife Review”

I have a bean flipper on the way from fura and I also have the black fox version of this knife from Heinnie Haynes which is endorsed by Serge panchenko also at an affordable price

Hello and thank you for the video. I really enjoy your channel and I hope someday my own is as successful as yours. Thanks again.

I now have one of this style as well as a couple of others, they are ball detente style slip joints. I can get this one to nearlylock by pressing the lockbar onto the blade tang. I think that is what is happening when yours locks up. it doesn't take much topress the ball on the lockbar into the hole in the tang. Holding the knife without pressing the lockbar the knife will let it act as a slipjoint.
I agree with you about the pricing and materials. Most of these are listed around $30, given the small size that would allow for better materials to be used.
Correct materials or not I like these Fura bean-clones, unusual design and edc-able in the U.K.

I have nothing against clones or copies… but you have to know what you're reviewing and that is not titanium nor is the blade steel S35VN.

I literally facepalmed.

People should not support companies who support counterfeit makers. You're stealing money from great knife designers who like you and I have families too feed and bills to pay. Cool you put a link to his website.

Got mine yesterday. When I ordered I had no idea that it is a nearly complete clone of the Serge Penchenko Bean 2. Fura even fakes Penchenko's Logo! So, I consider it being a blunt clone or even fake. Couldn't imagine Serge has licensed this Fura knife. And I doubt that Fura use real S35VN.

Thank you for the video. Nicely done
I have the cleaver bladed version with the non drilled scales but with the pocket clip and useless lanyard holes, cord touches the blade.
The blade on mine has a friction folder style horn that works well opening, the ball detente is perfectly set up and releases the blade after a decent amount of force, slip joint style.
I like mine a lot, for the price point it offers amazing.value – Titanium scales, S35VN ball detente blade and U.K. legal EDC. A very useful and non-threatening addition to the EDC rotation.

The operation on mine was very rough but it did function like a slip joint. Eventually it wore in and smoothed out. The big downsides of this knife are that it is stupidly thick behind the edge (over 0.040") and the pivot is free spinning so you're in for a world of pain if you ever want to disassemble it. Mine came extremely dull and without any lube but those were easily fixed.

But yea mine did the same thing I just pushed and pushed and make Shure you aren't squeezing the lock bar in when you are closing it

After so long it wears down and you can force it open or what I did is push the lock bar until it bends slightly

Just letting you know, there is no way that knife is S35VN. That steel is hundreds of dollars in most cases.

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