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The Benchmade Bugout Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to review a very lightweight knife, with a surprisingly hefty pricetag, the Benchmade Bugout.

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If you watch this review and dislike the knife don't dislike the video. Two completely different things kids. Good stuff Nick. I am passing on the knife but good stuff as always.

Actually the Bugout is a really tough knife. I pounded one into oblivion as a call out to Wranglerstar almost a year ago. Thing was unharmed after spine whacking, batoning, cross batoning, twisting sideways, and tip testing. I was stunned

I'm going to get the bugout and replace the scales with flytanium scales. Might anodize them blue before I do so.

everyone seems to think the bugout is made out of empty milk jugs or some shit. its made of grivory, defined as "an aluminum replacement material". look it up its pretty tuff stuff

Basically…. a $25 knife, albeit with a good steel for the blade….for $130, or $150, or whatever. I knew that Benchmade were very fond of their products… but GEESH ! No thank you.

I ordered mine a couple days ago and I can’t wait for it to come in the mail today!!! When it comes in I’ll edit this comment and tell my thoughts as well.

Im not paying $110+ for a handle that bends like that and that easily. Yes I understand this knife is for light EDC task, thats fine but drop the price down to a “Built for light task” price then.

Ima still get one though.. 😂 If I can find one for $80.

tldr – not a lot of value when comparing against normal or heavy knives, but nothing else in its weight class, so price is justified.

Nice review as always Nick. I bought the Bugout soon after release; returned it a few days later. Really like the steel and blade shape, so any recommendations on US made knife with similar blade characteristics for under $130 USD??

So is the Lady"bug" therefore also a bug-out knife? Hey, anybody notice how similar this is the Benchmade 530 Pardue? I've been looking for a pocket knife – literally, a knife for my dress shirt front pocket – and this fits the bill. I mean, the new CRKT CEO "shirt pocket" knife is heavier at 2.10 ounces, and it was designed specifically to fit in a shirt pocket.

I didn't love the idea of this knife. I bought one and sent it back because it was just eh. Then several companies came out with aftermarket handle scales for it. I now have two. One full titanium and one carbon fiber. They are my favorite EDC knives of all time.

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