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Which Fixed Blade Knife Should You Buy? | Week One Wednesday Ep. 3

This episode of Week One Wednesday is all about fixed blade knives. WOW is sponsored by WE Knives. Check out fixed blade knives here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Blade HQ Exclusive Spyderco Yojimbo 2:

WE Knives Nerv Butterfly Trainer:

Boker Wingman Auto Bottle Opener:

ZT 0452GL:

Mora Eldris:

Boker Lil Friend:

Gerber Ghoststrike:

Cold Steel SRK:

ESEE Izula:

Armatus Carry:

Buck 119:

TOPS Little Bugger:

LT Wright Bushbaby:

T.M. Hunt Skelemaug:

T.M. Hunt Hornet:


Medford Hunstman:


Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza:

CRKT Avant:

ZT 0808:

Cold Steel Lucky:


Benchmade Infidel Fixed Blade:

Kalashnikov Mini Desert Warrior:

Protech Godfather Desert Warrior:

Benchmade Bushcrafter:

ESEE Camp-Lore PR4:

K-bar TDI:

WE Knives Gyuto:

Civivi Anthropos:

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14 replies on “Which Fixed Blade Knife Should You Buy? | Week One Wednesday Ep. 3”

wow… I need to get into making knives… no way they cost even 20% of retail price if they are not custom…

Put a ranger band on the Eldris sheath, make a necklace out of your para-cord, tuck it in the ranger band and voila – instant neck knife setup.

My first fix blade knife that I wanted was my dads Kabar that he served with I still have it to this day.

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