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The Best Budget Automatic Knife | Knife Banter Ep. 82

Kurt and Zac talk about the Boker Kalashnikov. Is it the best automatic knife for the money? Check them out here:

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I literally bought a purple handle Microtech LUDT BECAUSE they didn't make the star wars series in a purple blade. You have no idea how much I'd cherish a purple blade Kalash with "say what again!" Engraved on the blade (shout out to his character in pulp fiction).

It's a shame living in New York State with a fucking dictator for a governor. More like DICK TATER. Can't have anything good. I would love to have one of these.

Brings in boker AK Knife.
Bro 1: "What's your knife's story bro? "
Bro 2: "I used to to shank a bunch of commies back in Nam"
Bro1:"da fuq"?

From this video until recently (mid august) Kurt has lost a SIGNIFIGANT amount of weight. Congrats Kurt!! I'm on doing the Low Carb gig myself. Down 82 lbs. Told my wife I was treating myself at 50lbs to a knife. Unfortunately I didnt have the loot for it. So I'm going to set out for a 100lb goal now… maybe a Kalishnikov or if I aim SUPER HIGH maybe a Spyderco Para. Good luck Kurt!! Good job!!

I've had my Kalashnikov for seven years, and it's till going strong. The handle is extremely worn, and I need to sharpen it, but it's fine otherwise.

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