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The 7 Best Kershaw Knives | Knife Banter Ep. 86

Kurt and Zac talk about the seven best Kershaw knives. Check out Kershaw here:

Knives in order of appearance:


Skyline/Skyline XL:




Launch 4:



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10 replies on “The 7 Best Kershaw Knives | Knife Banter Ep. 86”

I'm from Washington where auto knives are illegal. I need to find a good flipper but like the assisted opening knives.

I have had friends tease me about my Kershaws. They are fantastic knives for the price. You can't beat them.

I carry the leek almost everywhere. USed the crap out of it.
I feel the Blur is one of the best. Just my two bits.

I would have thought the Link would have been on your list
American made
M390 steel
Why didn’t it make the list 😢

Got my blur off of the snap on truck.. I over paid a little..but i broke my tip using it as a pry and he replaced it the following week.. I ground down the broken tip to a new point.. Now i have 2.

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