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White River Knife & Tool Knucklehead 2 – Overview and Review

My thoughts and opinions on the Knucklehead 2.

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7 replies on “White River Knife & Tool Knucklehead 2 – Overview and Review”

Jumping off one-story buildings is oddly specific hahaha
You should try and get your hands on a Bradford Guardian 3. It's an amazing fixed blade edc comes in soooo many variants. And the kydex sheath options (one from bradford and one from Armatus Carry) are great alternatives to the leather sheath option

If you're looking for a small knife, give the Tops Bull Trout or LT Wright Great Plainsman a shot. Both just over $100. The Tops is 154 and the LT is D2.

Theres always at least 1 got that hits the 👎. I don't get it, but some other you tuber I don't remember who said that either way it still helps you out.

Sweet piece… but too small for my needs… even as a neck knive…
The White River GTI 3 would be my choice… even it is not a neck knive…
Btw.: my favourite neck knive is the Benchmade Azeria 125BK with screwed off handles… (was before made under the brand "Heckler & Koch" named "Plan D")…

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