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National Knife Day Sale Is Here! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 4)

Zac and Kurt talk about some of the deals in this years National Knife Day sale. Check them out here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Kershaw Induction:

Zero Tolerance 0566CF:

Kershaw Copper Natrix:

CRKT Caligo:

Kershaw Launch Desert Warrior:

Boker Kalishnikov:

Kershaw Hinderer Agile:

CRKT Carson:

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27 replies on “National Knife Day Sale Is Here! | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 4)”

I am a chef. If you showed up at my house I would make a brisket and fixn's and carve it with the knife you brought me, unless it was the launch 4, that's just to short to carve brisket with.

Two bearded guys at my door:
Me: No I already have a copy of the watch tower, have a nii, oh you have free knives?

if you showed up at my place i would probably ask you to babysit. seriously, i could really use a break.

Blade hq rings bell
Me living in the Netherlands where it isn't even national knife day visibly confused how they got there would probably just be silent and confused for a solid minute to talking about knives for as long as possible since none of my freinds are real knifeheads

If you you showed up at my door i would silently show you in, take you to the kitchen, pull out an onion and a cutting board and say to Kurt, "show me what that Bugout can do."

I think I'd buy at least two ZTs but that assisted opening just puts me off so much. Would enjoy a Para though. 😉

If you guys showed up we'd definitely have to check out my collection because honestly it is all over the place kind of like Kurt's work knifes and shiny section

Placed my $154 purchase on the website on August 22nd at 1:50 PM and the playing cards where already sold out:(

If y’all came to my house with free knives I’d feed you freee all you can eat pizza!! Homemade!!!

if y'all showed up I'd have to show y'all my modest blade collection and ask for a job. then play with some sharp stuff

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