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L T wright Genesis knife review 2017

After using the L.T. Wright Genesis for 30+ days….here are my thoughts……

Genesis flat ground knife
Genesis Scandi knife
Genesis Larry Roberts knife

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I have some similar bushcraft knives and maybe the steel is 3V or the handles are different but yeah this knife is basically as good as it gets. The recipe is there, high quality materials, quality design and craftsmanship, and practical application. You did this review about 2.5 years ago at that time I had not yet bought an LT Wright but I had bought a lot of similar things and I finally got around to getting a Genesis A2 Scandi. I appreciate the time you spent on your first impressions and review. Im glad they sent you that knife!

Good review. I appreciate the honest opinions on each aspect and I really appreciate the fact that you didn't show us how well it batons!!!

Very nice. A little wet forming, and the sheath will fit perfectly once again. (I'm sure you did just that long ago)
I subbed a little over a month ago, having a ball watching these. Due to physical limitations, I tend to hibernate during the Maine winters… and you have give given me many hours of quality to watch. It is very much appreciated.

just ordered lt wright genesis 3v, g10, thick white liners, ive got the feeling this is gonna beat my barkrivers in ergonomics!
cheers for the revieuw.

Weird review man I mean thank you very much for the work you put into it but the bottom line is this knife did not work for you. you had to take it to a grinder!
the bottom line of this review should have been this knife did not work for me and I would not have bought it with my own money, instead it was 10 minutes of how awesome it is when really it just didn't work out of the box, you had to modify it heavily. (to the point that the sheath was far from usable) and again thank you very much for the work,it is greatly appreciated.

Like your videos. But really what does this knife do a Condor or Mora will not do.But Is the Condor now made with 1095 or still 1075? I only have one A1 steel knife and yes it holds and edge, but is harder th sharpen.

Nice review Dave. I know your reviews are simply truthful and itโ€™s this one that helped me decide on a Genesis for myself. I also have always had to buy less expensive items that are high quality as Iโ€™m just starting out with my channel. This will be my first bushcraft knife of this price range. I trust your opinion along with Larry Roberts and a few others. Thank you for your honesty and I intend to do the same.

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