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ThruNite T1 1500 Lumen compact EDC Flashlight – Unboxing, Review, & Test

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7 replies on “ThruNite T1 1500 Lumen compact EDC Flashlight – Unboxing, Review, & Test”

Man you could set the bar on flashlight reviews with your setup. Awesome job. I think this light is more comparable to the s1r2. Isn't the s1r2 slightly brighter then the s1r? For the price tho, that thru night is tough to beat.

Great review as you usually do. Thanks for the work you put in to make these informative videos. Great light at a great price

Well I think that Thrunite T1 preformed really well. I just recently bought the Olight Seeker 2 Pro and it came with a free light plus I bought another small light. I’m sure you can relate to this Doc, I have so many lights (flashlights, headlamps, etc..) that I honestly forget what I have. It’s worse when it comes to knives, I’m going to have to do a spreadsheet or something. I’m getting to the point where I’m afraid I’m going to buy the same light or knife that I already own….lol. That you light resting range is really nice. As always great video and thanks for doing it👍👍

Hey Doc, I think all of my emails are going to spam, look up in your email and if you don’t see any of them let me know and I’ll send another. Also, another great vid btw!

That is a cool light. I just got the free light they gave away. Its the Olight 3EEOS. Very small key ring light but wow it is very power full little thing.

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