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This Knife Really Grew On Me: Bark River PSK – Preparedmind101

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19 replies on “This Knife Really Grew On Me: Bark River PSK – Preparedmind101”

Oh hell no. No intro? NO INTRO?! I am indignant. How dare you. I’m going to tell Lynn Thompson. You brought this on yourself.

By the way, where i come from that lil knife + shipping fee + custom charge will cost someone their month salary or more

the thing I like about Chris' review of an item is that its not only informative but somehow quite entertaining as well

Terrific !! Perfect for anything, I just got a Chris Reeve Small Inkosi , kinda the same blade design. Again Bark River never fails !!

Thought the slo-mo intro from a few years ago (to annoy the "snot bubble" whiners… 😉 + subsequent fast fwd intro was hilarious.> Have similar small fixed blades in flat grind 01 & D2 IIRC …mfg by Blind Horse & LT Wright…I like the shape of the handle on this BR PSK model…

I always liked that one better then the bigger one. Chris check out the Lon Humphrey White tail. Comparable size

Bark River has some of the best designed knives. All the designs are classic, clean and built to the highest quality. You are very fortunate to be sponsored by BRK.

I know what you mean when some knives take time to grow on you. The para 3 light weight grew on me when i didn't like it at first. I have also realized that i don't like some knives as much as I did when i first got them.

Thanks a lot for the review. knives ship free makes a good edc fixed blade sheath with dual comparments for a smaller knife and ferrorod or something

I have many knives.
I just bought a small knife around that size.
I like to have knives on me small enough to carry in my front pocket.
I only carry my big knives out in the woods.
I am the same with my guns.
I only carry my smaller guns i can hide when i am in the city.

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