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MORA Eldris – In Camp knife Review



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I really enjoy listening to your videos about knives and the outdoor life nothing to beat it I am over in Scotland and I do a load of fly fishing in Northern Scotland where it’s pretty remote and you can get away and enjoy life but keep up the good work and stay safe 👍🎣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

The secondary angle to the blade is based on the Mora 2000 aka the new Kansol (with a different handle). The 2000 was designed to be a hunting knife with a tip the can make very fine cuts. The eldris is the best skinning knife I have ever used. I have gotten to the point that I use an eldris 95% of the time and always have one on me. I look at it as a modern version of a piece of obsidian in a handle. Great knife!

I, too, use the Stanley cook set for everything. I even keep most of my little gear inside of it while in my bag. That way everything is only taking up the space that Stanley cook set would take up anyway.

Would have enjoyed your video a lot more, if you had boiled the water out of the streem for the coffee. Saving what drinking water you had for just that. I've also got to wonder who in the heck ties a sheath holding a knife upside-down to their belt… You'll be looking for that knife. But I have to cut you some slack, because I love the Moraknivs. They are well thought out and inexpensive. I own a couple of my self, an Eldress and Craftsman. Tiny little detail on the Craftsman, is that it has a 'frog' moulded into the sheath. So if you want to, you can just slide the knife into your pants, and it'll stay put. I don't get this but Moraknivs get less expensive as they get longer. Go figure.

Great video sir. Love Mora knives, they're just a great value for the money. I have the Companion HD as well, and several of the Classic Mora knives all in carbon steel. They've thankfully all exceeded my expectations and have always been more than enough knife for my needs. Thanks for sharing

I’m thinking of getting one of these. I have a Buck 620, Buck 119, and KaBar/Becker BK2. They’re all fairly large and I think it might be nice to have a smaller knife to carry in conjunction with one of those for camping.

i ordered one of these last wed or thursday and i got it as a sunday delivery from the mailman i think its a great little knife

i have that same exact celtic knot work ring but when i met renee she fed me and took the feral out of me and i had to cut it off because i gained a lot of weight

You’re the first person I’ve heard describe it as harder to control. Everyone else says that it is insanely precise and easy to control since the blade is so close to you hand…

Enjoy your work. I have found a small neck knife to be very handy for fishing out of my boat I seem to always need to clip or cut something small and when I'm sitting in my boat seat rather than have to get one out of my pocket a quick tug and I'm ready for work. Keep the videos coming. I agree I would not have paid the extra.

Another good one, Eric. Great “fire-side chat.” I learn something with each one, and look forward to the next.

Nice vidoe bro really enjot it like that short mora it came in handy got to get me one the coffee look tastey.Great job im lookig forward to another pipe snd coffee vidoe.Take care and god bless my friend.

I am gonna have to give this one a solid don't knock it till you tried it. I have heard good things, it's probably great. Probably won't try one though.

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