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1 year later Almazan knife review bushcraft version

This is a review of the Almazan knife, bushcraft version, from 1 year later. In this one year review I talk about how I feel about the knife now, and how I’ve actually been using the knife. This knife is not associated with the popular channel Almazan Kitchen. Thank you for taking the time to look at my video, please like and subscribe.

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The Serbian dudes are legit, I will support them… I dont buy anything of authentic value from Amazon …. Ill support the dudes.. i think this video down plays the quality a bit….

Contacted the guys at Almazan Kitchen Channel via their FB page, and yes, they want around $350 for their's. Did some research and found out that $350 US dollars is almost the equivalent of the average monthly wage in Serbia. I think they are ripping people off, but who knows. Also, I think it is ironic that two guys named their Cooking Channel (which they started in 2016) after a knife that has supposedly been made in Almazan, Spain since 1985, but claim to have the original, authentic Serbian Chef knife, which is also called the Almazan Kitchen knife! Heck, they are probably both made in a China sweat shop for $5! LOL! I ordered this one from and got notified that it is one the way. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the review video!

I was kicking this knife around last year.. now kicking it around again.. talked to a buddy that said he would make me same thing for 50 bucks.. the kitchen people are crazy over priced but I do love their channel

Your a bit of jerk.. In normal white collar money 89 $ is like 2 hours work without buying the high priced carbon steel.. I don't think you have a realistic view of how much labour goes into handmade cutlery.. In my honest opinion the $300 is fair. The cost of materials would be $60 to 80

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