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Tusa Imprex Knife Review

Tusa Imprex Knife Review
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The TUSA Imprex is a leg mounted knife that is available in point and blunt tip blade configurations, both of which feature a cutting edge, serrated edge and line cutting notch.

420 Steel Blade which has strong corrosion resistant properties but should still be washed after ever dive and maintained with silicone grease to prevent pitting from prolonged contact with saltwater.

Removable Pommel allows the blade and handles to be dismantled for thorough cleaning to prevent rust build-up. The metallic pommel can also be used as signalling to devive by tapping it on your cylinder.

High Friction Rubber handle ensures a strong safe grip of the knife when in use and a hole to attach a line if required.

Moulded Polymer Sheath with a spring-loaded lock release to hold the knife securely when not in use. The overall length of the knife, when secured in the sheath, is approximately 28.5cm. The sheath is secured to the leg using adjustable and quick release rubber straps that have a maximum length of approximately 43cm.

Blunt or Pointed Tip Options, Should you miss the sheath when putting the knife away you are less likely to pierce your suit (or yourself) with a blunt tip. Secondly, the blunt end is stronger than a pointed tip for prising or using as a flat head screwdriver.



Imprex Knife

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