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Opinel folding knife review and hard use field test. Thatched survival shelter build.

So many people on YouTube will tell you this knife is only suitable for cutting cheese and peeling apples. So many people on YouTube don’t know what they are talking about. In this test I do some hard cutting. I build a survival shelter using stout poles cut with my number eight carbon steel Opinel folding knife. I thatched this shelter with spruce boughs. I have used these knives for many many years and I rate them highly. I forgot to mention in the video that the handle on this knife is very comfortable and stable. All wood used was willow as this quickly regrows and is a renewable resource.

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Great video not full of bullshit have a number eight myself seems a lovely knife specially for the price got the link for your video with the guy who makes the wood burning propane ovens who seems a top bloke as well as yourself and not an eejit like a lot of people are on YouTube

Wow! Totally new respect for my Opinel. I just received the #4 yesterday and put it in my food kit with a #8 cause I didn't think it was that strong

#8 is where it's at. I might pick up the next size up just to have more to work with in mods, but I like the 8 finished size. Good points and demo. I see what you meant about slicing through wood, because of the thinness. I was thinking more in terms of control in comparison to moras as the other common cheap knife. I think may be a better beginers knife too than mora. Moras take a lot of time to sharpen, even though they are often touted as easy because of the broad flat bevels. These can be modified, tortured, over stressed and broken and it's not a big deal. In fact, I think for most people, messing a knife or two up is part of the processes of learning their limitations, these will only take so much misuse, unlike some of the crowbars people push these days, que eyeroll….

Vinnie, I love your videos. You don't try to fool anyone, you do honest reviews with real-world stress tests. You deserve more subscribers and more views. Have you tried Reddit, Facebook and other social media? The best thing about your videos is you aren't afraid to disagree with current opinion and back up your objections. Additionally, safety is often your prime concern. Which is important for people out on their own. Knives don't grant any givebacks or do-overs.

Love your use of cross-bracing and jute lashings throughout the shelter. Again, you took the time to point out that a shelter that isn't sturdy and well-built is dangerous and shouldn't be promoted just for clicks.

Please keep making these videos and think about expanding your exposure on social media. Responsible youtubers like you deserve recognition for your quality work.

The opinel 8 carbon steel , this one is always in my pocket i love this knife it develops a nice patina and after stropping it has a mirror polished edge which look great in contrast with the patina , and you can indeed ,get it crazy sharp in no time and as the years pass it gets more character over the years anyway thats how i feel about mine , if i should somehow loose mine , a new one wouldn't be the same ….i know bit stupid cos they are not rare or something ๐Ÿ˜‰ they carry easy in the pocket so whats not to like about them , they are cheap and ver usefull i even use mine in the kitchen as well to cut up meat for the dogs , wash it dry it and a bit of oil once in a while …๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Hi vinnie I have the opinel no9 and 6 along with the 12 and 10 in the filleting style ones they do. I bought 2 no. 6โ€™s for my friends has general rabbiting gutting knives as thatโ€™s one of my favourite sizes. On my carbon blades I use whole grain French mustard to give a patina to the blades. It looks rather like a Damascus pattern when finished and it does help to keep the dreaded rust at bay. A stunning blade for the money. I think they are extremely good value for money, downside? Maybe a little brittle due to the heat treatments but as long as thatโ€™s bore in mind they are great. The opinel standard handle is also a good base for custom work x

Great video once again Vinnie! I love your stuff – always practical and unpretentious….something that is missing SO often in knife reviews. I live in the wilds of Sweden and have little time for talk of "tang stamps" etc! Anyway, a question: out of all the folders you've used, which would you reckon is the best all-round woods knife? The reason I ask is because when I'm out there I always find myself carrying about 3 of them… a Case stockman because of the utility of 3 blades (downside is you can't cut for long periods due to the 2 other blades digging in your hand), a GEC sodbuster that slices like a beauty but would struggle with the thick saplings in your video for example….. and a hefty EKA lockback which is tough as old boots but is no slicer!
I'm on the quest for the "perfect" all-rounder here! It probably doesn't exist, but I wondered what your informed opinion on the matter might be.
Keep up the good work man! ๐Ÿ‘

Opinel , probably my favorite knives and I used one every day being a gardener however I got fed up cause once the wood gets damp and swells youโ€™ll loose a thumb nail trying to open it

Hello from the United States. Just found your channel a couple days ago and I am enjoying your videos immensely. The knife reviews are fantastic. If you don't mind me asking, when you are doing the reviews are you in a National Forest or are you on private land? Hope you keep the knife videos coming.

Apple Cider Vinegar to 'cure' the steel blade?? "Carbon Steel'
There are videos on Youtube that show how to stop rust…

I've got dozens of knives in my collection and my Opinel is most used and definitely the sharpest!
Once sharp it just takes a quick strop to keep the edge beyond razor sharp.
They do come with a bad edge which puts a lot of people off but if they aren't prepared to sharpen a knife then should they really be owning one in the first place? ๐Ÿ—ก

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