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Aliens are Among Us: We Knives Pleroma | EDC Knife Review by 555 Gear

I want to believe! The We Knives Pleroma is a sophisticated high-end production knife utilizing integral construction and high-quality materials. but what makes a knife interesting is its extraordinary design: the unusual swayback pattern rendered in hyper modernistic form. The combination of premium materials and unusual design make for a fascinating everyday carry knife and a very silly review.

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Overall Length: 6.94″

Blade Length: 2.95″

Blade Width: 1.125″

Blade Thickness: 0.13″

Blade Material: Bohler M390

Blade Style: Wharncliffe

Blade Grind: Flat

Finish: Satin

Edge Type: Plain

Handle Length: 3.99″

Handle Width: 1.00″

Handle Thickness: 0.55″

Weight: 2.63 oz.

User: Right Hand

Pocket Clip: Tip-Up

Knife Type: Manual

Opener: Thumb Stud

Lock Type: Lateral Bolsterlock

Brand: WE Knife Co.

Model: Pleroma

Model Number: 821A

Designer: Elijah Isham

Country of Origin: China

Provided to the Apex Knives pass around group by We knives for review.

19 replies on “Aliens are Among Us: We Knives Pleroma | EDC Knife Review by 555 Gear”

I’m sure the aliens gave you the dimensions in mm. No offense – but only USA, Myanmar and Liberia still use empirical. You do have subscribers outside the US who would appreciate dimensions in metric. Great review though

Not a fan of the blade design, but I love the overall look. So the aliens admit to abducting us? I knew it!

WE Knives are great value for money. The stigma that Chinese knives are garbage needs to go away. That may have been true years ago but companies like WE, Kizer, and Reate, are changing that with their products. Great video as always, Andrew!

I could go on and on how underrated this knife actually is . I know its pricey , but the quality is most certainly there. Blade steel , aesthetics , materials , build quality , clip, functionality , etc . Only neg is the ergos take some time to get usd to , but it doesnt bother me . Solid 9.5/10 imo

I once discovered an even older artifact. The hieroglyphs on the back were alien to me but the closest English letters I could find spelled a single word: ESCHATON. Surely a doomsday device of some sort.

That We Knife is very futuristic, but I'll take the ZT470 any day of the week. I paid around $180 for mine, with a store discount back in December.

Nice knife, overall. Made in China however, is a deal breaker. I’m focused on keeping the American craftsman employed.

Looks like the sharp end of the blade is exposed in the handle which means it could cut items that get into the handle

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