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The Best EDC Pocket Knives Under 3" | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 3)

Kurt and Zac talk about the best EDC pocket knives under three inches. Check out some knives under 3″ here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Spyderco Delica:

Protech Calmigo:

Benchmade Saibu:

CRKT minimalist:

Summit Knives Half Dome:

Pena Knives Lanny’s Clip:

Jens Anso Monte Carlo:

Cold Steel Spartan:

Victorinox Super Tinker:

Hogue Microswitch:

Zero Tolerance 0022:

Gerber Fastball:

Kizer WPK:

Artisan Cutlery Traditional Liner Lock Knife:

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Salt:

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27 replies on “The Best EDC Pocket Knives Under 3" | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 3)”

Thanks guys. Glad you like the WPK! Originally called a Watch pocket Friction folder when I started making them, shortened to Watch Pocket Knife for Kizer. Great video👍🏼

ZT is out of their minds to charge that amount for a knife that size. ZT in general overprices their items. From the same house that produces Kershaw.

The ending definitely had me tearing up. Everyone will miss you Ben! Stay safe and have fun with your new journey!

But will be be coming back to rejoin the adventures again in the future or is this the last chapter in his bhq story

I started watching Blade HQ because of Ben's videos and he will be miss! Good luck in your next adventure, sir!

In Sweden the law says that we can carry these. But the same law also says we cant carry these. We call these laws "Gummi lagar" translates to "rubber laws" since the police and court can basically bend the law legally. We have many rubber laws in Sweden. Dont be like Sweden.

I really like the looks of that ZT.
What does not make sense to me is why it’s not an auto?
It just don’t make any sense!

All the best Ben. I loved your intro: “What is up guys?!” And I totally agree with the 3 in. or under for edc. What a great send off. BladeHQ has lost one of their best.

He should try the Swiss Army Locksmith. I'm not a big SAK guy either, but I freaking love the Locksmith. It's so handy, and has a big blade. Adding a pocket clip helps a lot too.

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