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Southern Grind – Bad Monkey Knife Review

A quick review of the Southern Grind – Bad Monkey (Satin Drop Point).

Overall I am very pleased with the knife. They got quite a few things right and this is a strong offering from this new company. Fit and Finish are excellent. Not sold on the clip design and the steel choice is questionable at this price point. However, I was aware of those features before I bought the knife and yet I bought it none the less. The blade steel, although not ideal, should hold up to EDC tasks without any problems, and it also takes a wicked edge fairly easily.

Forgot to mention the Open Pillar Construction, hopefully that is obvious. The thumb stud isn’t completely round, has cut outs for additional grip, works well.

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+This knife is a ripoff…. 14C28N is about AUS-8 quality so you're paying 170-200+ for a knife that has Scandinavian AUS-8. Meanwhile you can buy a ZT in Elmax which blows 14C28N out of the water for 150… Shows you how much they're getting in profit from this knife. Even a Kershaw Blur in S30V is still better than this knife and that's saying something. I normally don't claim cheaper knives are better but this time I have to. If you want an Southern Grind go with the Spider Monkey as it's the most similar.

I wanted to add on more thing about the tools. The joint tool is the same as a front post sight tool on an AR. So if you have one of these for your rifle, you can use it. I think that was kind of a cool idea Southern Grind came up with!

I have carried Benchmade and Emerson for many years. I received a Bad Monkey from Southern Grind when they came out. I wanted one because the company is in my town and proceeds go to Zac's wonderful charity for kids here, as well.
Since then, it has not left my front right pocket. It replaced an Emerson Super Karambit there. The quality, fit, and finish is well above Benchmade. And it locks up much more solid compared to my more expensive Emersons. It really seems like a fixed blade, as I can't detect even minute play in both axis. The clip is ingenious. Like a previous poster stated, it is unobtrusive. And I have not had any issues of it wanting to disengage unless I pull it out of my pocket.
The only thing I hope they eventually incorporate is the ability for the clip to be mounted on either side. If that happens, mine will have a twin in my front left pocket.

Nice job on this review, very thorough and absent a lot of the typical "ummm" and "ahhhs". I bought this knife at the Atlanta Blade Show a couple of years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites.  The short pocket clip actually grew on me because it took less time to disengage from my pocket and it has NEVER come off my pocket by accident.  Some of the comments below make me chuckle because they are pure conjecture, especially regarding the blade steel…I think you need to stop reading knife magazines and USE the blade, then offer an opinion.  I find its edge holding qualities to be fantastic and sharpens right back to a fine edge on crock sticks.  I believe if you're using a pocket knife for the purposes it was intended and not as a hammer or pry bar, then you'll never be able to tell the difference between the 14c28n and S30V.  I've talked to these guys at the Blade Show and their pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail is very evident.  One of their tooling engineers is a Georgia Tech grad and was a hoot to talk with…has a funny nickname too, something like dune buggy I think?  I'm sure there is a story behind that.  But he designed the jig they use to put the perfectly symmetrical grind on the Bad Monkey blade.  If you see their shop videos on their website, you'll see they have invested a lot in the product they make.I highly recommend this knife.  I added a short paracord lanyard to mine and that gives me something to easily grab to remove it from my pocket, because that short clip does make it ride very low in your pocket.  I like the low ride because most people don't even notice I'm carrying it. The butt of the handle is a bit wide, but as long as you don't wear skinny jeans, you can still get your hand in your pocket to get at your change or keys without having to remove the knife.

You should check out Camp Southern Ground. It's "just another one of Zac Brown's companies" that is a camp for special needs children. A lot of the proceeds from his merch companies go to fund the camp.

I think it is kinda ridiculous that they charge for re-sharpening. For a nearly $200 knife, I would think they would offer free re-sharpening. They need to get on Spyderco/Kershaw/etc…'s level in that aspect.

The steel is great on the blur, but when spending $200+ on a knife, 14c28n is not up to snuff.
For less moolah you could have many options in s30v, cts 204p, elmax, etc.

Thanks, I might get around to a few more knife videos. There are just so many on YouTube already, it's hard to find knives that need a video.

I can't imagine the mindset of "lets skimp out on the steel quality, but give them carbon fiber, titanium, and…uh…a coozy, a keychain, and a bracelet."

I've always like 14c28N steel, never had any issues with it on my kershaw blur, always held an excellent working edge and with nitrogen in the steel its never rusted, I'll be picking one of these blades up soon hopefully.

Excellent review.

It's possible, but I can't say for sure. One thing I will add is that this knife has become one of my favorites to carry. I'm even getting used to the short clip, much to my surprise.

Just another one Zac Browns merchandising companies. More stuff to sell at concerts along with southern hide leather and bbq sauces.

I'd replace that clip with a stock black emerson clip. Nice review… Thinking of picking one of these up possibly. I've heard negatives about the steel, but also I've heard positives. $180 is a tiny bit steep IMO, 120 sounds more like it, hold the coozy! lol. Nice review

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