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SOG Seal Pup Knife Review

The SOG Seal Pup knife is a pretty good choice for around $50. Lightweight, feels great in your hand and it even looks cool.

You can check it out here on Amazon:
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It is a full-tang. If you shine a light in the lanyard hole, you can see where they bored a hole through it to accomodate the hole.

I have one. Retired knife dealer. Put one on a table with an Ontario SP2, Ontario 499, Cold Steel low end SRK, a Schrade fixed blade, a Glock knife and you have excellent, inexpensive fixed blade knives. The knives have different development histories. However, if you have skills, you are good to go.

Had one since 2004. My favorite knife. Wish I could afford the larger one. Excellent field and hunting knife

They're going backwards in steel again. A long time ago, they were AUS-6. Then they upgraded the steel to AUS-8 made in Taiwan.
Now they're made in China in what's is essentially a blank 440 version from Hitachi.
Edit to add yes they are a rat tail knife, but tough and can do a lot more than it appears.

Is there a review of the SOG Bowie 2.0? If not could you please do one? I'd love to see it, thanks.

My favorite knife for belt carry when hunting and bushcraft. Took it to Iraq twice. Bought in 2004 and still going strong. Thanks Brian. Wish I could afford the large version.

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