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GearBest TD-01 HX OUTDOORS ROCK Survival Knife Review- Just Like a ROCK – HighCarbonSteel Love

A review of the GearBest TD-01 HX OUTDOORS ROCK Survival Knife. This knife is just like a ROCK! A tremendous, affordable outdoors knife and an outstanding value. We put this knife to the test with bushcraft notching, woodcraft, feather sticks, batoning and check out the included ferro rod. Thank you to Ruby and all the nice people at GEARBEST for sending me this phenomenal knife. Check out my social media links, as well as where to puchase this awesome knife down below, including a discount coupon code to use at checkout the save a couple of dollars!


The coupon code is HXOUTD and the price with coupon is $37.39!


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25 replies on “GearBest TD-01 HX OUTDOORS ROCK Survival Knife Review- Just Like a ROCK – HighCarbonSteel Love”

Nice. How does the edge hold up in use? I'm usually a little leery of claims to steel types and hardness on chinese knives.

I like this knife very much, especially after your review. I might just have to put this on my, To Purchase, list. Thanks again Dave.

Why don't you have more views and subscribers? I watch a lot of these types of videos here and in my opinion yours is among the best if not the best. Very informative and knowledgeable and presented in a way that is very easy to understand even for novices.

Some channels have many more views and subscribers but in my opinion they have nothing on you. Some of them are actually idiots that have no clue what they're talking about. Subscribed.

Hi Dave, Just got my rock today and I am absolutely thrilled with it.. No its not a $200. knife but for the price the quality is excellent.

Very good knife for bushcraft and outdoor to.
Thanks for sharing your experience!
One question :
do you think that's possibile purchase spare part of firesteel?

A solid knife and easy on the wallet!! Also your the only one I've seen split wood that small and with a knife!!! I'll be trying it for sure. Blessings sir!!

i got one. was thinking about grinding or cutting the hammer pommel way down to reduce weight or make it a sort of triangle window breaker because honestly who needs a tiny hammer on the back of there knife it weighs 9 oz that things probabaly 1-3 oz lol, what are your thoughts on that?

I have one ….. Can't really fault it (I was sceptical but took a punt seeing as it's so inexpensive).
Didn't take long to ship to the UK (think it came from the Netherlands rather than China) ….. No regrets in buying it , but I'm still perplexed at how they can produce it at the price? Not quite as sharp out of the box as I like but that was easily remedied (I also took the angle of the blade grind back a little).
For what you get and the materials used its a great hard use knife …. Hats off to China on this one.

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