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Some Useful Survival Gear From RuleTheWasteland…

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I think the "blades" on the tool are to extend the handle of the pliers so you can get more reach or put more leverage on them.

Still not a great kit without braided line. Lasts way way longer, tougher against fraying and fish teeth and not to mention line diameter is way smaller this you can carry more line in the same space, so you can carry like 500ft of 20lb braid instead which will have the thickness of 6lb test I think. Don't know why people don't choose braid

I can't wait until these people are on their death beds and they realize all the time and money they wasted on "prepping"

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate the review!

Yeah the "blade" on the pliers is hilariously bad, that's why I included the razor blades also. I put that 'multi-tool' in it in pretty much exclusively for the pliers and it was one of the few small enough to fit. Even though most people who would be buying a survival kit probably already would be carrying a knife or multi-tool, I wanted the kit to be as stand-alone as possible.

Thanks again!

When I was 8-10 years old I was fishing with a small worm or something along those lines and somehow caught a massive large mouth bass. One of the fishermen nearby helped me deal with it after I had it on shore but I was very surprised at the time.

Wow really amazing reviews video!!! 😀
I finally hit 400 Subscribers on my channel yesterday!!!

One thing I never see in survival fishing kits is some basic fishing instructions for dummies. I have never fished and would be basically clueless about catching one. I could attach a hook to a line no problem but as for what lures to use, where to find fish in a body of water, basic strategy and tips, etc. it would be very useful to include a dumbed down basic guide to the kits.

Run the fishing line through the middle of the tube and tie it off around the base and you have a short fishing pole.

The hard part about fishing kit is that fishing often is so environment specific. Are there some eyelets in the kit for making casting a bobber a few feet possible with an improvised rod? I would like to see a better (browner?) wet flie and a tapered leader for it to target stream/creek trout. Thanks for sharing!

The balls in the tube lol they are for tension so you can extend it and it won't collapse back down on it's own

One thing I would definitely add to that fishing kit is some beads. A bead above a hook (sliding free is OK bu we usually peg them with a toothpick or something) is a super simple but extremely effective lure and very compact to pack into a kit. I'd also add 20 or so assorted nymph flies (Prince Nymphs, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, Midges, Cased Caddis, and some Soft Hackles). They'd hardly take up any space and they catch tons of fish. Source: I'm a fly fishing guide.

Hey Jeff you have all this survival gear…do you even use it? We want to start seeing a new series on your channel naked and afraid with Jeff Smith….

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