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PSK – Pocket Survival Kit – Review

This video is a review about my new PSK or Pocket Survival Kit. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! Please rate, comment and subscribe!

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I swapped out the purifying tablets, for a tube of Potassium Permanganate crystals.

Not only will it purify a lot more water than the tablets, but it can also be used to make an antiseptic or an anti-fungal treatment.

Being round, those tealights waste a lot of space. Take a 2" piece of regular candle, and shave it square, about 1/2"x1/2".

The mini multi tool isn't one of my favorite items. The handle has a tendency to fold over when you use it. But still a good kit

This tin was our primery school lunch box (in India). When you close it by rolling the side handles on the lid, it really becomes water tight. Nice to see it has some other uses.

I have my main bag set up for wilderness survival. I gave up my multi tool for my Flexi Cut, which also replaced my bushcraft knife (I take a larger 9" blade to do large tasks).

In my opinion, multi tools are pretty useless in the wilderness; and the Flexi Cut is a more useful multi tool for forming wood. I just make sure that my wilderness gear doesn't need screw drivers. (Although pliers are useful. Maybe I'll put a set in my tool roll.) I also think tiny scissors and tiny saws are a waste of pack weight. And I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find bottles of beer and soda out there that need a bottle opener.

However, I also have a separate bag devoted to urban survival. That has my Leatherman, as well as fence cutters, pry bar, gas masks, lock picks, cuff keys, etcetera.

Hopefully if I'm ever in a long term survival scenario I'll have a friend with me so he (or she) can carry some of my gear. Chances are that I'll be far more prepared than anyone I know, and whoever I'm with won't have any gear. But if it's just me, I'll just have to ditch most of my urban survival bag, and save that energy for carrying food rations.

Anyhow, that's my ramble. :p. Maybe if I ever have my own YouTube channel I'll share with the World! LoL

P.S. I also thinks it's a total waste of time to have your primary Bug Out bag at your house. Chances are that you will be out and about when a SHTF situation happens. You'll be at work, at the market, out paying bills, visiting a friend, on vaction, at the doctor's, and anywhere BUT home. And if the authorities block the roads, you won't have your gear when you need it. I keep my bags in my truck at all times – everything but food rations (because it'll spoil in summer heat). And I've had to live out of my car, so my gear has been refined.

The alcohol pads can you buy in almost all drugstores, they are used to clean your skin before you have a medicin injection.

0:40 rb's dont handle the weather cold or heat well … better choices hair ties or bungee /elastic cables  and bungee is much better for a sling shot
Pre lighting a candle makes it easier  to light later on 😀
gg video 😀

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