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My TBS Grizzly …. Bushcraft Knife Review and Test, Big Brother to the TBS Boar

Looking at and a quick test of the TBS Grizzly Bushcraft knife.
The HC log is nearer 4″ across,don’t know why i said 2,5″

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TBS make great bush knives no doubt about it. I've used several which easily are comparable to similar models made by the major knife producers. Plus it's made in the UK – can't go wrong there. I would buy the Grizzly if the blade were longer. I just prefer my knives blades to be around 15 – 20 cm or 6" – 8".

Whole vid is out of focus, glare, no editing, no mic. Horrible video.Nice knife. You need to work on your filming skills.

I too own the Boar and love it. TBS is worth a serious look if you are looking for a blade. I will look at them again for all my BC needs.

Great video. If you had to choose between the boar and the grizzly, which one would you choose? Is the boar just as good for chopping fire wood?

G'day mate i own one too its definitely my go to blade and i own a over 20 bushcraft and hand made knives, its a faultless indestructible beast! If i take anything else to the bush as soon as i go to use my knife i miss it! Good review i know you'll agree with me that this knife is the most underrated knife that exists!

I noticed on tbs that the scales are removable. have you tried this? What type of bolts fix the scales together. just asking as I'm thinking of making my own scales for a grizzly kit

that blade splits logs like a small axe!. thanks for the excellent review the missus says I can have one for my 30th birthday 🙂 . yeah my mora gets it done but that grizzly looks like it can make short work of any wood. cheers again!

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