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"Alice Pack Review And Survival Kit Bug Out Bag Large" bexbugoutsurvivor

I review the large alice pack and it’s features in detail, and show you the bug out bag kit I use that is inside it. The practical guide to what should be in your b.o.b Alice Pack Review And Survival Kit Bug Out Bag Large” bexbugoutsurvivor

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I like the contents of your backpack and the only thing I could do without is the coleman stove due to it's weight. I have the fire starter kit to get a fire going where I will be camping. That way I could keep down the weight and use food to take up part of that weight.

I am trying out an Austrian large rucksack which is basically a frameless and slightly modified large ALICE pack. Your video gave me some good ideas. Always enjoy your channel. I confess it did not interest me as much 3 years ago when you posted it originally because I was using a different bag but it has been very helpful.

can get from electronic shop rechargeable solar battery size of hand with USB outlets to attached to pack

I took the assault pack off the CFP90 and placed it on my lg alice pack.
this makes for a great scouting bag after you set up camp,Plus it gives
Woodland Camo to the packs back. And of course the molle shoulder
straps and kidney belt.

That is an older Alice pack. Swap out those buckles with plastic quick release ones. And go to MOLLE shoulder and waist belt for way more added comfort. Humped these In U S Marines for 4 years and is the ONLY bag I use. I have a medium and a large Alice pack both with frames. Also I cut a plastic large tall kitchen trash bucket to 11" and put that in the pack.

BTW I served as a Combat Medic and humped with the Infantry. My last conflict was in the Persian Gulf War. Love the Infantry, cause they always have a can of whip ass with them.

Liked the vid.  I'm old Regular Army INFANTRY and humped this bad boy for over 15 years. It's what I'm used to and comfortable with… at age 59!  A couple of points ladies and gentlemen… Always get and use the frame!  1. Plan your pack well!  You don't want to be digging for ammo, trauma kit/IFAK or toilet paper in an "EMERGENCY"!  
First have liners, even heavy duty trash bags to line the outer pockets and the main compartment.  Next fill the big barrel first… first with a change of clothes… later your wet/dirty clothes and trash (have extra trash bags… serve various purposes…water carrier, bivy cover, etc.).

Next, other stuff, you don't want to dig for until you stop for the night or an extended emergency (fell into an icy river/change clothes, etc.). Light first, then heavier towards the top and stuff you want to protect.  Water filter, breakable survival gear, extra chow, batteries, mini survival books, porn (kidding), fill in the blanks, etc.,  I think the radio pouch is great for two bladders, but TFS makes a good point and he has a bladder carrier already.


One more time… use each pocket for a specific category i.e. The lower middle pocket = an MRE/one meal and extra spices, plus ebits/alcohol stove, plus fire starters (Bic lighter, dryer lint, etc.)… maybe a pistol!. One lower pocket for your first aid kit, one for your hygiene kit (don't forget tooth pics).  One upper pocket for magazines for your assault rifle or extra ammo (don't forget chest and thigh ammo rigs).  One for a CB Radio Keep the top cover pouch for maps, documents, spar cash, a pistol!  etc. ( All on freezer bags… not the pistol  🙂  ).

Attachments points!!!

Shovel…Speznats style Non-folding, a kukri!!!, two 1 qt canteens, with cover and canteen cup and Canteen Shop cooker and lid. Bow saw, etc.   Attach a Knife and Flash light to the Shoulder straps.  Also a Compass and carry binos around your neck.

ALSO REMEMBER!  The pack should NOT exceed 25% of your body weight.  60-70% of the pack weight should be carried on your hips (Get a 6' tall walking stick from a fallen tree) and lean forward at the waist a little 🙂  . Have a good sleep system and small tent… it's worth the weight and give you something to look forward to… a good, dry, comfy night's sleep  🙂  Yeah, carry the sleeping pad attached to the bottom of your ruck!  It light.  Use the outer straps to attach your rain gear and Jacket/ Parka, wet/cold weather gear!

BUT REMEMBER… ounces = pounds and pounds = pain, they don't call your pack a tick for nothing (a tick will suck the life right out of you)!  What's the purpose of this pack?  Bug-Out/ 72 hrs?  INCH BAG? = I'm Never Coming Home… what?  Oh, and just because you have lots of room in this bad boy… doesn't mean you have to fill it up cause you may not be able to carry it very far, without a shopping cart… a good car and/or a couple of strong backs!

Yes, I live in a city and plan to Bug-In, but I still have this bad boy packed and ready to go into my 4 wheel drive SUV  🙂

Good Luck and keep Prepping!  🙂

Nice pack I love how you went through everything in a short time span. I like your accent. Nice job all over and you just gained a sub.

some of the kit has progressed since then, love the stove too, also use it as a heat source under the basha instead of a fire…Bex

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