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Tuya Knife Kingsman Review

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Thx Kevin for the review ! We sold out but We have a new shipment coming in next week ! Also, the small voids in the marble C.F they listened to our feedback and they paid more attention to filling them, mixing epoxy, dust, etc. so the 2nd shipment will be even nicer. Now as we know there will always be some voids especially in marble C.F but they did say they can do better. I appreciate the mention from you, and from others in the comments about my customer service we try hard and I really appreciate it !
Thx again 👊⚔️

I really like this one, if you'd have flashed this at me a year ago I'd have thought it was a Cultrotech.
Dave is a great guy, had lots of nice chats with him. I've admired Tuya from the start, they're in a cut-throat segment and coming through where it counts. Dave's a true knife nut, and is going above and beyond for customer service. It's a rough road, and I'm all for supporting him. The Hive is really nice, probably on part with this, and improved over the last generation.
You should have seen the CF voids in my Reate Future and K-1. Pro tip: Instant metal (black putty epoxy) can be rubbed into the voids and sanded down, absolutely disappears.

Sorry, but I don't like it one bit. The blade is too thick for slicing (ok for batoning maybe), the pocket clip is mounted in the wrong place (why not higher up and centrally), it has no finger choil (like the Bison) and the bolster looks like it's got small-pox.!

Just got a s35vn recon 1 $81.00 !
S30v is just reinvented 440c ! We'll see if the s35vn is better steel or just another reinvented way over priced for no reason steel !

Kevin, voids are guaranteed in marbled cf. You can't stop them and they have lots of voids under the surface also. Mass production companies are not going to mix epoxy and cf dust to fill the surface voids in, as that would cost too much.

Nice looking knife. Not a fan of the position of the pocket clip. Wish they had attached it to the top screw.

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