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Pocket Survival Pak Plus – Survival Kit Review

Join ITS Tactical as we continue our pocket survival kit review series with the Pocket Survival Pak Plus by Adventure Medical Kits. View our complete write-up with a detailed analysis and ratings at:

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Maybe the best little pre-made survival kit I've seen. The price is a bit high, but if you don't want to bother to build your own kit then it's a good option.

For those hands I'd recommend O'Keff's Working Hands Cream. You can buy it for about $8 at Ace hardware. Sure, it's expensive, but it's well worth it.

You talk about not boiling water cause you got the tablets, why not save the tablets and boil water so if you ever don't have fire, you can still get clean water? Same goes for the flint. Use the mirror so if you ever find yourself without fire at night, you still have the flint to start a fire with and you arent using it up.

This is actually one of my favorite kits, the only problem I have with it and with moth kits aswell is they don't come with enough duct tape, what I do is usually carry some with me, its easy too, all you gotta do is take a chopstick, cut the length of it to the width of the tape, and just roll as much as you want around, its easier to carry than a while roll and still gives you way more than most of these kits

MeZillch's mint tins are well made and planned, gorillatavern also has some great longer term systems. Both are on youtube. I have adopted some great ideas they had into my systems.

"you don't need to boil water cos you have water purification tablets" come on! Anyone with half an ounce of common sense knows if you have a camp fire on the go, boil water not only can you cook with it but you can also clean any wounds, if you managed to catch any game you can use the water to remove hair/feathers easier. Boiled water has multiple uses BE SMART STAY SAFE

That kit has a lot of great items I especially Like the knife I would wrap paracord around the handle for added grip.

The grooves are called gimping, and the section of gimping on the top of the knife is called a thumb ramp. Other than that, great video! It sold me.

@carlos45703030 I am not Mike but this kit is an excellent one. It is cheap, MSRP 80$ on AMK website (around 60-70$ online), very good quality items. Everything in it is reliable.
A lot of kits exist but this is pretty much the most reliable "ready to use" kit I've seen.
Customize a kit to your needs like buying a small maxpedition pouch or pelican case to put it in it add maybe a candle, some tiny chem lights along with a pocket medical kit, maybe a silver quicklot and some food.

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