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Car Survival Kit

Sensible Survival Presents: The “Car Survival Kit”. We’re in our car on the road, far away from home. It’s just makes sense to have a backup plan in case of trouble.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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Always learning! There are some items in the can new to me. Everything but a dehydrated water package €: )

I keep sunflower butter and peanut butter packs from an MRE too. They are from A pack I think. What kind of MRE did that come from?

I keep seeing cannabis commercials before your video starts. Doesnt bother me other than Cannabis and guns cant be together. Hello youtube socialist fucks. Cant promote guns but all over the cannabis marketing

You know what works GREAT on the gaskets? Pure silicon grease, like what you use on scuba diving equipment.

A must in a first aid kit is a tourniquet to stop bleeding. Also when I see a 50,000 hr bulb life on a flashlight it makes me wonder if that has really been tested and left on for 6 years with someone continuously changing the battery?

Large diameter plastic soda straws…using candle and needle nose pliers, melt one end and quickly clamp with pliers to seal it.
Put in survival food, such as spaghetti, powdered milk, Kool-aid, coffee, sugar, etc. then seal open end…I have these in all my bug out/survival bags…Light, take up little space and are water proof. I even have some straws that hold 8 .22rimfire rounds, fishing line and small hooks, matches with striker strip, vaseline soaked cotton balls, tobacco and rolling papers. Use your imagination for your straws! Great video! I watch them all…

Just some things I came up with that you don’t have. Laser pointer great for signaling. Backpack,map,compass. Also you should change out your ammo if your leaving in a hot and cold car

Don, I really appreciate your common sense counsel. You are my favorite YouTube channel. If you are in or around Hendo, NC, there is an open door waiting. Rob.

You need to include some candles. If you are caught in a blizzard, and slide off a lonely road in say Kansas for example, a candle provides light, heat in the car, and you can melt snow for drinking water.

Use an old medicine bottle..I keep stuff in those like extra .22 ammo etc. Also can hold tissues and such and be used as a cup if needed.

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