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Build The ULTIMATE Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse: Build The Ultimate Survival Kit. Are you prepared? There are a few essential guns, knives and weapons I recommend to defend against Zombies. As well as other crucial gear and supplies. These will also help you prepare against extreme civil unrest, biological warfare and the complete collapse of the united states government.


-SOG Survival Hawk
– Gerber LMF II
-Outdoor Edge Saberback Bowie
-SOG Neck Knife
-CRKT Sting Boot Knife
-Isreal Gas Mask

🔥Recommended Survival Gear🔥

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◾ESEE 5P Black Tactical Survival Knife w/ Sheath

◾Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

◾LuminAid Lights

◾550 Fire Cord

◾Mountain House Food Storage



◾Outdoor Vitals StormLight

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23 replies on “Build The ULTIMATE Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit”

So you just….own a bunch of guns? What did you say you were using them for when you went for your licence?

I’m not gung ho about zombies or anything but I’m pretty sure many zombie tropes include machetes my guy. Then again, zombies aren’t real so ya never know lmao

Thank god I'm in England where guns aren't owned by the majority of he public, we're surrounded by water and the majority of the public are backward! Haha. Great video

Both the front and rear sight are backwards on your pistol. As it stands, your windage adjustments are going to be backwards at the very least.

I’m only 5 minutes into the video ffs… I am unable to continue watching such a blatant novice misuse terms and spout misinformation. Btw I gave this video a 👎🏻.

Definitely won’t be checking out any more of your videos.

“And the 1911 is a very cool gun but it is like holding a brick it is VERY VERY heavy compared to a Glock”

Dude the 1911 is not heavy and it certainly is not like holding a brick…even women of small stature can carry and fire 1911s, you really sound like a pussy cat.

Who is this clown, I’ve seen kid zombie videos that were better thought out than this. This is what we like to call FAKE NEWS.
Clearly you aren’t actually into zombie stuff and just needed some content. YOU SHALL PARISH DURING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

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