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Jeff A. Harkins Triton OTF Automatic Knife Review – J.A. Harkins Automatic Out-The-Front knife.. this is a sweet custom knife with an amazing finish. This knife can be ordered directly from Jeff Harkins. Please google J.A Harkins Knives to find his website.

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He's a fucking crook. He balmes it on Jerry Rodes for not getting the steel right,. but that was 5 years ago & in the last 3 years he will not even answer my phone calls , He TOOK $4000 DEPOSIT FROM ME ON PLUTO ( from his solar system knifes ) IN 2011. I wrote to him in a email " JUST SEND ME A $2000 KNIFE & I WOULD BE HAPPY "" Nothing at all. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY

DO NOT DEAL WITH JEFF HARKINS . I gave him a deposit of $4000 in 2011 for the solar knife Pluto & he will not even answer my phone calls. Rick Davis (239) 572-0021

$2400.00 and yet a $25.00 Lightning from Taiwan is mechanically identical. 100X as much? Does Harkins have $2371.00 more in materials cost and labor? The market is wide open for an American-made OTF that is reasonably priced.

It looks nice, but not $2000 nice. More like $50 nice. The seam in the casing is really bothering me.

I want a knife and I know nothing about them, but this is the most BEAUTIFUL knife I have ever seen in my life!!! I LOVE the make and how it is heavy and looks like a coffin. The blade comes out almost faster than light and the blade itself is gorgeous… Oh my goodness I want one so, so badly! My dream knife

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